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as of June 27, 2013
Added June 27, 2013:
An expansion of the journal translation - p 20 of the Hans Sorensen history

Added Oct. 30, 2012:
Updated Samuel Parrish Family page to include more pictures of Joel Parrish and wives.

Added Sep. 26, 2012:
Updated Soren Peter Hansen Sorensen Family page to include pictures of his daughter Sophia. (Thanks to Shirley Charlesworth for the pictures!)

Added Sep. 12, 2012:
Buchanan News September 2012 issue.

Added Aug. 27, 2012:
History of Soren Peter Sorensen (PDF)

Added Mar. 7, 2012:
Included sources for Hans Sorensen.
Added a picture of a son-in-law forHans & Matilda Sorensen.

Added Jan. 23, 2012:
Uploaded Hans Sorensen History (still subject to updates).
Download as a PDF document (caution: over 12 megabytes).
Updated a few pages for the family of Hans Sorensen (Parley Peter and Andrew William).

Added Dec. 3, 2011:
Added many pages for the family of Hans Sorensen. Many pictures, etc. and Hans Sorensen life timeline. His history is forthcoming. Also, many pages added for the ancestry of Hans and Ane.

Added Apr. 12, 2011:
Added a page for Emmaline Buchanan (Simmons Curtis) family) Modified the page: Tina Buchanan Young family

Added Sep. 12, 2010:
Updated photos for Tina Buchanan Young family

Added Aug. 12, 2010:
Buchanan News August 2010 issue.

Added Aug. 10, 2010:
The History of Lorenzo W. Roundy, by Joseph F. Buchanan
Download as a PDF document. (almost 5 megabytes in size)
Note: The Histories page has also been updated. the history for Priscella Parrish has been updated, including an obituary.
Added Jun 26, 2010:
Buchanan News June 2010 issue.

This is a list of items added to the web site recently. It may not be complete, just showing significant changes and additions. Older additions are eventually removed from this list, so look on the regular pages for any of these.

NOTE: I sent out a document to family, on Dec. 30, 2009, about the life of Lorenzo Wesley Roundy. I intended to add that to the web site, but since then, I was asked by Renee Mounteer to write his history. The history will contain all that and much more. If any of you wish a copy of the original document, please let me know. I will let you all now about the new history as I make progress on it. It will be part of a set of documents that will be available at the Roundy Reunion in Springville, UT on July 17, 2010.
Added Jan 16, 2010:
Added photos to the Samuel Parrish family page
Added May 1, 2009:
Notes about Margaret Huffman 2002 Research summary concerning Margaret Huffman giving details of records that indicate that she is not the wife of Harmon Bach
Added Apr. 18, 2008:
Buchanan News April 2009 issue.
Added Dec. 28, 2008:
Buchanan News December 2008 issue.
Added Sept. 30, 2008:
Buchanan News September 2008 issue.
Added Apr. 10, 2008:
Buchanan News Correction to the March 2008 issue.
Added Mar. 30, 2008:
Buchanan News March 2008 issue.
Added Mar. 29, 2008:
Added Joel Jesse Roundy family page
Added family photos to the Jared C. Roundy family page

Added Jan. 13, 2008:
Sketch of the Life of Annie Isadore Roundy Davies
Added Jan. 9, 2008:
Added photo of Jane Parrish Lindsay to the Samuel Parrish family page
Added Jan. 1, 2008:
Buchanan News December 2007 issue.
Added Nov. 1, 2007:
Family History research status. New pages to give details of research progress.
Added Oct. 13, 2007:
Shadrach Roundy a few pictures added. These are found in the new Shadrach Roundy book published by Renee Mounteer. It is a wonderful new book!
Added Sept. 17, 2007:
Buchanan News September 2007 issue.
Added July 2, 2007:
Roundy Family Reunion - 14 July 2007 details.
Added June 29, 2007:
Buchanan News June 2007 issue.
Added March 30, 2007:
Buchanan News March 2007 issue.
Also, more pages added and linked on all family charts

Added March 23, 2007:
John Buchanan family charts, etc. expanded and made more similar to others recently created.
Also, more pages added and linked on all family charts
Added March 19, 2007:
Shadrach Roundy family charts, etc. expanded
John Johnson Davies family charts, etc. started
Hans Henrick Sorensen family charts, etc. started
Added December 29, 2006:
Buchanan News Dec. 2006 issue

Added November 2, 2006:
More photos on the photos page. More coming. Courtesy Ken Allen
Added September 25, 2006:
Buchanan News Sept. 2006 issue
A document about Archibald, his family and Indian experiences (compiled by Robert Newel Reynolds)
Also, there are some documents added about Eugene Deloss Buchanan on the Mary Ann Brown family page.
A better, color picture of Betsy and Shadrach Roundy, courtesy of Robin Jeffery.
Added September 18, 2006:
the beginning of a system of pages showng the descendants of Shadrach Roundy.

Added September 14, 2006:
a system of pages showng the descendants of John Buchanan.

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