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The main work that has been done recently has been in two areas: 1) collecting histories, pictures, etc., and assembling newsletters. Of late, more work has been done in the second area; 2) taking existing genealogy records and putting them on the computer. This second area involved mainly working with groups of family group sheets of the old style (legal size paper - old Book of Remembrance style) - on the Sorensen line. Following that, though there are still a few pencilled in sheets that need attention, work began with actual research in Danish records. All of this is detailed in the Sorensen research notes linked below.
There is considerable research that has been done in the Roundy family. The best way to keep up to date with their work is to get involved with the reunions and refer to the Roundy family books.
Also over the past few years, research was been done in Buchanan and Davies genealogy.
Years ago, My father and I did some extensive research on the German Bach line. Not much more has been done there recently.
The following linked documents gives a history and status of research in each of these lines.

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