A further translation of pages 96-98 of Eric Christian Henrichsen's Missionary Journal

This corresponds to the history information found on page 20 of the Hans Sorensen history.

[p 96 ][18 Feb. 1870] After the meeting we had a discussion with a man who came just to fight against us. Part of the crowd was on his side and part on our side. After eating a meal at Brother Sörensen's we went home.

Saturday 19th I worked on the Quarterly Reports. Dinnis Rasmussen and his wife from Trige came that evening and requested baptism. Brother H. Sørensen an I therefore went out and broke the thick ice. Elder Hougaard baptized them after I held the ice. Br. Hougaard confirmed Dinnis and [ p 97] I confirmed his wife Mette Marie. Elder H Sørensen assisted.
They stayed with us for the night.

Sunday 20th President Hougaard traveled with the train to Randers in the afternoon we had a meeting.
Many strangers showed up. And many of them were from the upper class. Part of them acted like Gentlemen, And others not. One of the men who was dressed very formally and was a Dannebrogsmann [a man wearing a Danish Flag, probably some fancy uniform], stood up after I had talked and held a little speech.
After everything had calmed down after he left [p 98] we had another meeting in the evening. Brother H Sörensen talked to the crowd. Meanwhile the man came in again and in a perverse manner interrupted Brother H. Sørensen. This time there was another man who helped him. They shouted about how bad [unable to translate this bit, possibly something against the church].
First time he went out no one followed him, but now he went out again followed by many of the strangers during the big mess I maintained a complete cold-bloodedness and asked the Saints to maintain calm. I realized that that was the best I could do.

Translation done by Elder Joachim Johan Stange Nielsen. 2013