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Research Processes

My main effort lately was in early Kentucky records. I did extensive work in the 1970's in the older German records.
In a trip to Germany in 2000, I attempted to find some information in cemeteries, but was disappointed to find that they re-use their cemetery plots and that there are no stones that are older than 100 years, mostly much more recent. I did find a little more from a man concerning some possible ancestors in Billerbeck, Germany. That needs some further research.

Research Plans

I have been working on my theory about some tie in with the name Waller Overton and the man by that name who lived in Kentucky at the same time Archibald Waller Overton Buchanan was born. I am hoping to find a tie that will indicate who Nancy Ann's mother was. I started researching the old Kentucky newspapers that began in the late 1700's. That is slow work, but may yield some information about the Back/Bach and Buchanan lines. Vital records from the time are sketchy.
NOTE: For a detailed research summary showing why Margaret Bach is not the mother of Nancy Ann Bach Buchanan, click here.
  • Continue research of old Kentucky Newspapers
  • Re-visit the old German records to see if there is more work that can be done, particularly the Billerbeck connection.

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