Descendancy of Archie Earl and Florene Davis Buchanan

This, of course, is a moving target - births and marriages happen and the families grow. The information given here is not complete. Please pass on information concerning your family to Joseph for inclusion here. If you feel uncomfortable about supplying names, then at least provide numbers. Each page will show an as of ... date. Most of this information comes from the Archie Earl and Florene Buchanan book put together by Deane in the mid 1990's, with a few added names from wedding reception or funeral notices I have. I realize how much I really do not know my family. I am sorry.

My family information is correct as of May 15, 2006. I would love to have up-to-date information for all of you. Below are links to specific family statistics as I have them. I include ages of children under 21.

As of mid-1990's, plus my family, the count of descendants of Archie Earl and Florene are (including step-children):
7 children
31 grandchildren
95 great-grandchildren
76 great-great-grandchildren
6 g-g-g-grandchildren

Forrest - 2,10,14 (children, grand, great, etc.)
Maxine - 7, 14, 22, 6
Deane - 4, 14, 14
Belle - 2, 3, 8
Gloria - 8, 28, 5
Jerry - 4, 22, 20
David - 4, 3