Appendix C - Mission Journal and Pertinent Notes

Feb. 6, 1947 - rec'd Mission call to New England - from Pres. George Albert Smith

Mar. 10, 1947 - Ordained a Seventy by Oscar A. Kirkham

mission certificate dated Mar. 12, 1947

Picture of missionaries found, dated 3-4-47 (probably 3 Apr. 1947 if consistent with these dates).

He left for his mission on 16 March 1947 and went to the New England States mission, under President S. Dilworth Young. Some of the time he went without purse or scrip. One story he tells is where they are invited to dinner by a woman who earns a living doing housework for others. When they insisted on doing the dishes, she refused. They continued to insist until she finally gave in. As they worked, they discovered that she had not washed her dishes for months, but rather stacked them in the cupboards. They did dishes for a very long time. Another story was about a prank they played on another elder who had a strong dislike for runny eggs. He always boiled them for a long time. For their prank, they substituted fresh raw eggs for the long time boiling ones. He took it out and found it quite runny, then boiled some more for a very long time afterwards. During his mission, he spent some time at the Joseph Smith birthplace and was there when it was set up as a monument (mentioned in the part of the journal below).

A pictures book contains a lot of information as well. Here are some details from the pictures:

Missionary class of March 3rd to 12th 1947 - Forrest is in the back row in the center.

First area: Southern Connecticut

First Companion, Elder Simmons

Third Companion, Elder Woodfield

Pres. & Sister Reeder, Mission president

D.P. (probably district president), Elder Lauritzen

Picture of Forrest on a bicycle

New Haven, Connecticut March 29, 1947

Sanford Maine in October 24, 1947

Southern Maine, Christmas, District President Elder Winegar

Notes on a report, dated August 20, 1947:

Total no. of weeks in country work: 10

Total cost for food and lodging (during those weeks): $8.00

Total other expenses (for same period): $15.00

Number of Books of Mormon sold: 10

No. of investigators as a result of your labors: 3.

Excerpts from some Elders' letters were in the Mission letters. Some people of note who wrote letters:

David Kezerian (a good lifelong friend of Forrest's)

Truman Madsen

Oscar McConkie

(Written Journal - June 17, 1948 - November 29, 1948)

[this is the beginning of a journal notebook, obviously continuing from a previous one that I have not been able to locate. He is in the area of Bennington, Vermont. His companion is Elder Hamilton from Missouri]

... it was very comfortable. Rested better this night than we have for quite sometime.

June 18th Friday After another nice gospel conversation with Mrs. Jones with a good nourishing breakfast under our belts we began our labors again. Met some fine people today. We held a meeting with an Australian girl and had a long talk with her afterwards. She told us all about Australia and things she was used to. Surely a sweet girl. Sure has a cute baby. She sure wants to go back home awfully bad. She's really planning on it too. After much more tracting we met some Jehovah Witnesses but all they want to do is argue. Farther up the road we held another meeting and stayed at some fine people's home but their bed was too soft. We sang some hymns to them before retiring. At Mrs. Ostrander [this name apparently was written later, in a different ink ]

June 19th Saturday Most of this week has been good weather, but we're surely getting a rain today. Don't look all that good for travelling, but we've got an appointment to fulfil at the 7th Day Adventist Church, where we're to sing a duet for them. We sang "Sowing", we had many compliments on our singing we then returned to the Frost's residence, where we had a continuation of discussions on doctrine of the church. We stayed here tonight.

June 20th Sunday

Spent part of the day writing letters. Later Mr. Wouldell came over (he is one of their investigators to the 7th Day Church) we talked with him for awhile and he invited us over to his apartment. We held a cottage meeting and sacrament meeting with him and gave him some literature, then we walked up to Bennington Monument which is quite a sight to see. It has a stairway inside of it clear to the top. We didn't go up because we wanted to wait till we had our cameras, maybe later on we'll see it. After arriving back we went to Frost's again and stayed here tonight.

June 21 Monday

Had a wonderful gospel conversation this morning. Mrs. Frosts is really sincere in knowing the truth. I hope she keeps on seeking to know. We journeyed over to the Post Office then headed out on another road west of the highway. Met some good people. Especially a Jehovah Witness who was very open minded, which was very unusual. She is seeking to know the truth also. Tonight we stayed with Vadakin's. Said they would come out to our meetings wherever we held them. Didn't hold a meeting with them but maybe sometime we can. Sure had a good supper.

June 22 Tuesday. Tried to obtain permission to hold a meeting Pownal Center this evening but something was scheduled so will hold it tomorrow evening. This will give us more time to prepare for it. Walked a long ways today, and finally stayed in the loft of Jones house.

June 23 Wednesday. This morning we had a bath before departing. We did have breakfast and dinner before leaving, though. Invited the whole area of Pownal Center to the meeting tonight. But Mrs. Jones was the only one who came out. We held the meeting anyway and stayed with Mrs. Andrews, Mrs. Miles sister, who runs a tourist home. She gave us a few sandwiches and a free bed. Sure nice.

June 24th Thursday

Continued tracting towards Pownal Village today had a very poor day but met a few nice people. We tried to obtain permission to hold a meeting in the churches but had to wait till the committee decided on it. So we headed out in the country and tracted till 10:30 PM with it pouring down. We finally found an old abandoned garage and spent the night in it.

June 25 Friday. This morning we went down to the brook and shaved and cleaned up then went back to see about the church house, but they hadn't met yet, so will have to come back next week. Yesterday an old man gave us a dollar to buy us our lunch. So we bought a few things and headed over the hill towards [missing] Had our lunch then walked clear up to Mrs. Winchells. There she let us wash our clothes and I weeded her flowers and tried to rid her house with bees. We nailed boards over the holes so don't know how they'll work out. Had a lovely bed tonight, twin beds. We also listened to the Louis and Walcott fight.

June 26 Saturday

Mrs. Winchell gave us a ride into Bennington to get our mail. Then we had an invitation back to Frost's. I had a stomach ache that had been bothering me for two or three days so this afternoon I went in to see a doctor. I saw Dr. Durand. He looks like Truman Madsen's brother. He didn't charge me a cent but gave me some pills. I sure hope they help out a lot. We stayed here again tonight.

June 27 Sunday

After breakfast this morning (11 A.M.) we listened to the Tabernacle choir and Organ from K.S.L Sure sounded good to hear it again. We spent the day writing letters, and helped Gilbert get his plow put together right. We had another discussion this evening before retiring. They always have morning and evening worship. It's what should take place in all homes.

Junes 28 Monday

Went to the post office and received a card from Dean Fausett. He said we could call on him about the middle of July but he would be busy the 4th. In our tracting today we found a little road off the side that didn't show on the map. It said on the entrance "Green Mountain Bible Conference" so we went up there and found a very nice family. In fact we stayed all night with them. They were Clarence Webber and family.

June 29 Tuesday

This morning we planned on going up on the top of the mountain to fast and pray to receive guidance for we do need guidance in softening the hearts of these people in this vicinity. I know the Lord will guide us if we sincerely and humbly seek him. We truly need to have his inspiration to perform the work here because the people are very set in their beliefs. We desire to accomplish the best to our ability in our labors. We stayed till 2 P.M. then it began to pour down so we came back down for shelter. We found many more houses around that area off the highway and also some mighty fine people. We also found another road off the highway with four more houses. One was a bee keeper by hobby trade and we stayed there all night. We got along swell too but didn't get any supper except for an apple we had.

June 30 Wednesday

This morning we didn't get up till 9 A.M. and had a delicious breakfast. Also got stung with a bee right behind my left ear. Something to remember Mr. Fred W. Ferson by. He also gave us a jar of honey each, which will really taste good someday. We tracted quite a distance today. We walked up a very steep hill. Down the other side we stayed with Douglas Sweet and his family. They are very fine people. Some careful work with them would probably bring them into the church. We stayed with them this evening.

July 1st Thursday

This morning we really had a super breakfast and had a nice talk with Mrs. Sweet. We then came down to the brook and had a bath and washed our clothes. While they are drying we're having our sandwiches we have left over from last week. We continued our tracting on in to Pownal Center. Then finished with Mr. Bump, talked till 10 P.M. then found our we couldn't stay there so we went out to our deserted garage for another evening. Sure hard to rest on a hard spot of ground. We should be thankful that we had shelter, though.

July 2nd Friday

Tried to get permission to hold a meeting here in Pownal but found no success. So we tracted the whole town and met a few nice people. Stayed this evening at a college professor's home. They've only been here since last September. They surely treated us swell and also gave us a fine supper. Sure have a cute little girl.

Met a man here by the name of Buchanan, James from Scotland.

July 3rd Saturday

Arose this morning got shaved and they gave us a delicious breakfast. Had some fun with Priscilla, the little girl here. We then left for North Pownal to pick up our mail and try to get permission to hold a meeting, but were unsuccessful. We then continued up through the country towards Bennington. Met some nice people and a Mrs. Wilcox invited us to stay. We then finished a road farther up before quitting for the day. When we arrived back there was a note saying unsuspected company just arrived and they were unable to keep us. So we decided to journey back up where we went after meeting her and waited till almost midnight for Mr. and Mrs. John Carr to get home to see if we could stay in their barn, but they fixed a room up for us for the night. Previously they gave us a good supper so we felt mighty thankful.

July 4th Sunday

They invited us to stay over for today and rest up, which sounded very encouraging. They are from southern Missouri where Elder Hamilton is from. So they have lots to talk about. I had the privilege to ride a horse that none of them had tried to ride. I had a swell time. Wish Lorraine had been there in person. We also went to church with them, to a Methodist Episcopal. There was too much form and ceremony to be very interesting. They had communion. There's sure a lot to go through to take it. We didn't but everybody else did. Had a gospel conversation with them this evening but didn't gain much, because he is a layman preacher. We stayed here again tonight.

July 5th Monday

After some more delicious food under our belts we continued on our journey. We surely had some wholesome meals with these fine people. Met some more nice people today, on the way back we got caught in a rain storm and were forced up on Mr. Swain's porch or piazza. To our surprise they invited us in and we stayed all night. They fed us a nice supper.

July 6th Tuesday

Rode to Bennington with them today to see if our mail had stopped there or not. None there, so we took another side road west of the highway. Here we saw the largest orchard I've ever seen. We walked through it all afternoon. Couldn't find a place to stay so we slept on some sacks in a barn nearby, but were invited to have breakfast the next morning at another family from Minnesota.

July 7th Wednesday

Journeyed down to this place. Had a delicious breakfast and found out that Mrs. Pizzano and Elder Hamilton had attended to same school in Ames, Iowa. Went down to North Pownal, but no mail. So we tracted down the highway, but couldn't find a place to stay so we slept in a deserted stand along the highway. My is was cold, too. Nearly froze. There was a kind lady that fixed us a lunch that we had met previously and sent her husband out to find us. Gee was that ever good. Another lady gave us a quart of milk between us. Another fellow at a gift shop gave us a box of candy, a dollar bill and a drink of orange soda. We were well provided except for a bed.

July 8th Thursday

Couldn't stay there any longer because we were too cold (temp. 40 F) so we got up, went down to the river and got some water and shaved. We continued our journey back towards Pownal. We finished tracting the town of Pownal and had a few nice gospel cons. But were unable to find a place for the evening. So we headed towards North Pownal and went to the first house. It was vacant but there was a fellow milking there and he gave us all the milk we could drink. We drank out of a milk can lid. Gee it surely tasted good. The next house was Warren Cummings. We held a meeting with him and he invited us to stay for the night. Seems to be quite the fellow. He's only been married a little over a year. Had a good meal and gospel conversation with him.

July 9th Friday

After breakfast we headed for town to see if our mail had come, and the letters had but still no literature so we had a study class, and then tracted from the New York border into the border of North Pownal. We then wrote letters and went back to the post office at five for our literature didn't arrive till then. Started for Cummings but we were invited to visit a fellow by the name of Ward Knights who is the town minister for the Congregational Church, just a missionary I guess. We had a good discussion with him, too. We gave him 1 tract and nine pamphlets. For he wanted to know more about our message than what we had already told him, so we gave him the works. We stayed out to Cummings tonight, they fed us again.

July 10th Saturday

Left Cummings this morning and headed for town in hopes to hold a meeting, but were unable to. So we had a study class then tracted a few hours, then we were invited out to Carrs by Mr. Knights to a children's picnic. We had lots of fun and quite a few nice things to eat. We were invited to stay at Mr. Knights tonight. Had a nice bed. (sold him a Book of Mormon)

July 11th Sunday

Went to two services today, one in Pownal Center, the other here in No. Pownal. They were fair. We had a good gospel conversation afterwards with Ward's brother. We sold a Book of Mormon to his brother. They then left for their folks but didn't offer to provide us with anything to eat. So we are now in a cow pasture in the shade. Suppose we'll have to sleep out tonight, for we would rather not tract on Sunday. We found a shack up on the hill with lots of hay in it so we stayed for the night.

July 12th Monday

Had a good restful sleep last night. After cleaning up we resumed our tracting here in No. Pownal. We held two meetings today. The first one with Mrs. Goss, the second one with Mr. and Mrs. Hewitt, so we had a pretty good day. Had some good conversations too. We stayed with Warren Cummings again tonight. He has mentioned that he would like to join the church. He seems very sincere when he says that.

July 13th Tuesday

After a delicious breakfast we continued our tracting here in North Pownal, and we nearly finished. Today we held a meeting in town and one with Warren and his wife and stayed here again tonight. Sure tracted a slew of houses today. Won't take long to finish in the morning.

July 14th Wednesday

We bid Warren and his wife good-by for about a month. Warren about got his foot mashed last night when a trailer tongue dropped on his foot. He went to the hospital this morning to get it x-rayed. [the writing] got mixed up a little here so will try to straighten it out. After leaving Warren's went back to town and tracted the rest of the houses. There were quite a few left. Several rejects, too, but we talked with one lady for about three hours. She was very nice to talk to and to discuss religious doctrine. Hope it can turn into something good. We went back to Hewitts and helped them scatter hay so it would dry. The tedder didn't do a good enough job so it had to be done by hand. We stayed here tonight. We had a very good supper with strawberry short cake. Allison played some hymns and I sang. She's only ten but is a very good player. Gee she weighs 131 at her age. Not so fat, just big. We sure had a comfortable bed tonight. These folks are Pentecost and believe in signs for everything. They think its a necessity to believe in the gift of tongues without the interpretation of such.

July 15th Thursday

We finished tracting here in town today and finished the little side road towards Pownal Center. It's good we didn't depend on these people for a place to stay, because they are nearly all rejects. We continued on to the crossroads and found a brook and did our washing. It took us nearly four hours before mine were dry. We left there at three thirty then continued on the Pownal Center. A fellow picked us up and gave us a ride all the way to Bennington, where we got a card from Dean Fausett's sister saying we couldn't come up for now, but maybe after the 20th we can. We also saw the American Legion about their hall to hold meetings in. It's located up in the Green Mtn. Bible Conference area, but won't know till the middle of August. We also saw the chief of police about holding street meetings, but he referred us to Mr. Van Graves. Will have to see him tomorrow. We then got some alum for deodorant and continued to the Frost household. They were glad to see us so we stayed for the night. Had a good supper, too.

July 16th Friday

This morning we caught up on a few details such as letter writing and diary. Then went down to see Mr. Van Vetchen Graves about street meetings. He said he couldn't see anything wrong with it. So we returned to the Police Chief and he finally consented to giving us a choice spot of the town, right on the corner of the crossroad where highway nine crosses highway seven. Stayed with the Frosts again tonight.

July 17th Saturday

Had a few discussions today with the Frosts, went down and made arrangements to hold a hall meeting at the Bushnell School for next Wednesday. Then this evening we held a street meeting. During the time I was speaking, a car pulled up along side and said, "Elder, come here a minute." We couldn't figure out who it was, so Elder Hamilton stepped back to see who they were. He said they were members from Malone, New York. He told them how we were out without purse or scrip and they couldn't hardly believe it. Elder H. informed them of the celebration next Saturday at So. Royalton, then they drove on, and while Elder Hamilton was speaking they drove by again and made me take five dollars to buy a meal. My they were nice. They said they were planning on moving here to Bennington for the winter. But I didn't get their names. Sure wish I'd ask them again. We had a splendid street meeting anyway. Stayed to the Frosts again this evening. Before out street meeting we tracted out the East road from Frosts and met some of the people we first met, and others. Mrs. Mallory paid me for the Book of Mormon.

July 18th Sunday

Stayed at Frosts and listened to the Tabernacle Choir from S.L.C. Gee it seemed good to hear it again. Spent part of the day studying and writing letters.

July 19th Monday

Began early this morning to invite the people out to the meeting Wednesday evening. No invite-ins today. And we worked clear down to Vadakins, but they couldn't keep us for the night, so we went over to our last resort, to the Ostranders and they wouldn't keep us either so we were left out for the night. We finally found an old gravel pit and in this hole was a tiny shack. We found some old screens to lay on and had prayer and went to bed. But couldn't sleep because it kept getting colder, and about 1:30 A.M. I got up and built a fire. I found some old tubes and tires. One tire kept burning till four and by another it lasted till morning. I laid down near the fire and slept very well. Elder Hamilton stayed in the hut. We were glad to see morning arrive and the sun to come up.

July 20th Tuesday

Went over to the Brook and shaved before continuing our labors. We met Mr. and Mrs. Everstreet. He taught Philosophy at the BYU just before the war. So we had quite a talk with him. He invited us to have dinner with them. Boy did it ever taste good. We finally continued on, but were unable to find a place to stay tonight so we stayed in that newly made dog kennel. A fellow who is the owner gave us permission to stay there if we were ever left out for night. There hasn't been any dogs in it yet. Had a pretty nice rest this evening.

July 21st Wednesday

Went to the stream and shaved and bathed then ventured into town to buy something to eat. Afterwards returned and had dinner. Later we finished the few houses we had left to tract. One lady had a little girl who has a tumor the full length of her spine and has been bed ridden most of her short life. She is five. Probably not much chance for her to be cured from it. I cheered her up a little by playing with her. Sure a cute girl. Such a shame. Went to the school house, got the key and had our supper from what we had purchased early today. Time for the meeting arrived but no one showed up but we held it anyway, and stayed here for the night. We won't know how to sleep when we have the opportunity to take our clothes off.

July 22nd Thursday

Had some more of our food this morning then continued towards town. Today we are to go to South Royalton, to prepare for the big event Saturday. We had some good rides. The second one all the way to Brattleboro. We stopped at the Hendersons for about an hour. Then continued towards our destination. A police man picked us up and took us all the way. He was heading for St. Albans. Arrived about two thirty. Many of the Elders were there, so it was pretty nice to see them again. They all voted to put me in charge of the cooking during the weekend. So I had quite a job. Worked up to the monument for a short time this evening. Also tried to fix the sign that leaked. Took it home this evening.

July 23rd Friday

I cooked some rolled wheat for cereal this morning and gave them all fried eggs. Then I worked on the sign, so I could get it put back on the monument for Saturday and the tourists. I made vegetable salad for the elders this noon. Then afterwards I sealed the sign and varnished the edges to make a sealtite job.

July 24th Saturday

All the Elders left for the monument and left me here. So I fixed some sandwiches and about noon I got ready and a truck came back for something and were surprised that I was still here. So they took me up with the bunch. We had an enjoyable day with the association with all the Elders. Especially with Elder Kezerian. In the afternoon we played softball and later on had a good spiritual feast. Bro. Fugal and Pres. Young both spoke, and I sang twice in a double mixed quartet and once in a quartet. Then many of the people left. Later on we had a couple of comical skits. Soon the day was finished and the celebration was over. We went back to the chapel. We stopped at the store and I bought $11.00 worth of food for Sunday.

July 25th Sunday

Made chili beans for the Elders for dinner. Had about 4 gallons of them. They all seemed to like it and in the evening I made the same amount of rice pudding. They always clean up all I cook so I guess it don't kill them. Some people dropped in from St. Louis, Mo. who knew Elder Hamilton. We had a nice visit with them, tried to get them to stay, but they wouldn't. We certainly had a good meeting today. Mostly Elders though. Nearly every chair was filled. A few investigators were there too.

July 26th Monday

Spent most of the day packing my suitcases again for another few months. This evening we held a cottage meeting with Mrs. Whitcomb and Mrs.______. They were at the service in So. Royalton and seem to be very much interested in the gospel and the church. Finished packing this evening so we can catch the bus the first thing in the morning.

July 27th Tuesday

Caught the 9:30 bus this morning for Brattleboro then had to wait from two to five before the next bus arrived. We got to Bennington at seven thirty and went out to the Frosts for the evening.

July 28th Wednesday

We travelled out to see Mr. Ball Lyons to obtain permission but he referred us to Mr. Leon Eldredge and after quite a gospel conversation he finally consented to let us hold a meeting in the Chapel School and the Hicks School. So went back to Mr. Lyons to get the keys, and he said we would have to see Mr. Wagner, superintendent of the Department of Schools in Bennington. It was too late to see him tonight so we decided to wait till morning. We had a few sandwiches in our possession left over from last week so decided to have them, but we decided to walk down to a side road. As we neared the road we passed several homes and the next to the last one was where Mrs. Stratton lives as we found out as she got out of the car. She invited us in to rest. We ended up having supper and staying overnight. Slept on the couch. Mighty nice people. Mrs. Ruth Stratton is a Seventh-day Adventist, but her husband and family are not. Carl is a kind-hearted soul. Can't stand to see anyone go hungry, so we've been really treated well.

July 29 Thursday

We invited people all day. After we had obtained the keys from Mr. Wagner, we held a meeting with Mrs. Cushman and loaned her a B. of M. then continued up the road. Met many fine souls. Sure hope some would come to our meetings, but no one came this evening. We held the meeting to ourselves. Had our sandwiches afterwards and stayed at Strattons tonight.

July 30 Friday

Invited many people to the meeting for this evening but no one came. We again held the meeting to each other. Can't imagine why they don't come out. It seems we are in harmony with the gospel. Something is lacking. We stayed again this evening at the Strattons.

July 31st Saturday

Held a street meeting this afternoon in Bennington. We had Mr. Post of the Seventh Day Adventist make us a nice sign, with the name of the church (Mormon), no collections. It made the people stop long enough to read the sign, and they were able to hear some of the message. So I think it's quite an asset for meetings. We showed some of the films to the Strattons this evening and was able to make it into a cottage meeting. We went to the S.D.A to church also today. Met some good people.

August 1st Sunday

Spent the day resting up and catching up on this diary. We held a cottage meeting this afternoon with some people who dropped in to see the Strattons. We stayed here this evening again.

August 2nd Monday

After leaving Strattons we had prayer to know where to go and decided to go to Dorset to visit Dean Fausett and his sister. We arrived there at noon and found them both at home. He is quite an artist. My he does some beautiful paintings, and is famous for some of his work. Flora was a Wac. and helped in the Japanese branch of the Church. We visited with all the rest of the day. They sure treated us swell. We stayed in a good bed tonight.

August 3rd Tuesday

Watched them do more painting today. Wish I could paint some pictures. My it looks interesting. This afternoon we held a Sacrament meeting with them. Stayed again with the members tonight.

August 4 Wednesday

Flora brought us down to South Shaftsbury in their convertible Buick called "Alice." It was a lovely ride. She gave us ten dollars to turn into the branch for fast offering and also for us to keep some of it. We stopped off here to see about obtaining a school house for another hall meeting. We saw Mr. Strong. He said it would be allright with him but we would have to see Mr. Harris in Shaftsbury Center, but after walking clear up there he wasn't home. I was much troubled about something. So we came back towards South Shaftsbury, but before we got back we stopped at a spring that was piped to the road. There we had lunch that Mrs. Stratton had fixed for us a few days back. I think we were supposed to do just what we did because Bro. Fairburn, the member we met at the Street Meeting, stopped and saw us there. He had some trouble with his business and had gone back to Malone to try to dispose of it. He has had a nervous breakdown over what has happened, so is in a bad fix. He has left his wife in North Bennington in a trailer house. He wants to fight his battle alone. If he wins he wants to move out west. We went over to see his wife and held a sacrament meeting with them. They sure seem to be nice people. We'll have to visit them quite often. We ventured down to the tailors to fix a hole in the knee of my pants. Then went out to Frosts and stayed all night with them.

August 5th Thursday

We had a long talk with Mrs. Frost this morning in fact it lasted till noon. We had dinner then we decided to go over to see Charlestreams but they weren't home so did some tracting near here, for they wouldn't be home until six. So we stopped there about that time and they were just getting supper ready. We were invited in and also invited to supper. Gee it tasted good. We had a bit of song fest but didn't get much chance to talk religion to them. Hope to soon though. We got back to Frost's about 10:30 P.M. And it was pouring down tonight. Mighty happy to have some shelter.

August 6 Friday

This morning we headed for South Shaftsbury and saw Mr. Strong. We obtained permission to obtain the school so went ahead and invited people for the rest of the day. Met a few nice people today. This evening we stayed at Mr. Tillison. They are Norwegian people, but are Pentecosts. Wouldn't accept anything we said but fed us very good.

August 7 Saturday

After breakfast this morning we continued tracting and met some more good people. We were invited to dinner at noon. It sure tasted good. I sure hope and pray that we get a good turn out to our meeting. We tracted until about 3:30 P.M.. Then we headed back for Bennington. We got to Strattons about five. Sorted out our tracts. Then went down and held a street meeting again. Then came back and had a good supper before retiring.

August 8 Sunday

Listened to the choir and organ from S.L.C. this morning. My it seemed good to hear it again. I cooked some chili beans for the Strattons and they sure raved over them. Spent the rest of the day resting up and discussing doctrine in the Bible.

August 9th Monday

After a good breakfast we departed for Shaftsbury Center. There we took off towards the area that we planned a meeting for. We met many people today, but were not invited in once. Several said they would be more than happy to come to the meeting. We finally got up to Shaftsbury Hollow and met some wonderful people, about the best to talk to for quite sometime. We were unable to find a place to stay so we had the keys to the school house near here so we used the cloth window blinds for covers. Got along well with these.

August 10th Tuesday

After shaving and such we continued our tracting on up Shaftsbury Hollow. Not many people live up here anymore. We did meet some people by the name of John Westfall who were baptized into the church around 1919, but later became interested in the Rosicrucians more so than the church. We did have a delicious dinner with them. The next house we had a cottage meeting with them. After finishing tracting we journeyed clear back down to the school house. We had the wrong key for it and we had to remove the bolts out of the hinges to be able to hold the meeting. Only one man and a little boy came to the meeting, and when we were closing, another fellow came in. After the meeting we talked quite a bit on religion and other stuff. We asked the fellow if we could sleep in his barn and he said sure. So after we put the hinge back on the door, we went up to his place, but he decided to share his house with us. We had a delicious supper, the opportunity to take a bath and to rest very well. We saw the cutest pair of twin fawns today, sure pretty.

August 11 Wednesday

We headed for Pownal Center after a delicious breakfast. And saw Mrs. Esther Miles to see what day she had advertized for our meeting to show the colored slides of the Historic Highlights and scenic views. She had set Thursday night. So we set out to invite people to the meeting. Didn't have a place to stay tonight and had heard of Walter Knights planning to hold a prayer meeting so we thought it would be wise to go, because his twin Brother "Ward." His wife went insane and he's pretty well broken up about it. I sure hope she can get better. Well after prayer meeting we asked Walter if it would be allright to stay in the church house for the evening. He didn't think so, but would ask his wife. Later he came back cursing us in the Name of Jesus Christ that he didn't think much of our belief and was sorry we couldn't agree with the way he believed. Well we invited him to our meeting anyway and walked up the road. But couldn't find anyplace. We even tried Mrs. Andrews again, but all she could do was to give us a sandwich and a glass of milk. Mrs. Miles mentioned of a secret passage way from the Town Hall to the church above so we found a window open in the town hall and climbed in then unlocked the door to the town hall for Elder Hamilton. Then I found the secret passage way up to the church. We both climbed up through, took the cushions off the benches and laid them on the floor, made a pillow with one and settled down for a good nights rest.

August 12 Thursday

Had a mighty nice rest last night and had a few sandwiches for breakfast. We finished as much of the town today as we could, in fact only a few houses missed. Met Mr. and Mrs. Horte, she is German. She gave us a nice lunch. Very kind to us. It finally came time for the meeting and we had all females - six tourists, one town lady and four young girls. We showed the films, sold one Book of Mormon and had long interesting discussions afterwards. We had to stay here in the church again tonight, without much to eat.

August 13 Friday

Had a good sleep but was rather hungry this morning. We tracted west of Pownal Center. Met some people who invited us in because it was really pouring down outside. We ended up in showing them the films, and they gave us a sandwich and pie and cake, glass of milk. Sure tasted delish, Continued on tracting, thought we might stay with Douglas Sweet again this evening, but they have moved. We received a loaf of bread and a can of deviled ham from another lady, then another gave us a glass of milk and a ride to Bennington. We stayed out to Strattons this evening.

August 14th Saturday

Had breakfast at Strattons, went down and had new heels put on my shoes, then went over to the bus depot to inquire about the schedule for Concord N. H. Met Mr. Woodell there and walked down the street with him. We intended on going to Frosts, but passed right by that road and went down to Woodells house. There we were invited for dinner. Afterwards went to the S. D. A. church. We loaned a B of M to Mr. Woodell. Then later went out to Strattons. Mrs. Ward was there. She is a S.D.A. too. We loaned her a B of M also. Had a very good discussion with her about the church. Didn't feel so good today so we didn't hold a street meeting. But went to bed instead.

August 15th Sunday

Went over to see the Fairburns today. They both were there and was very glad to have us near. We got there just in time for the Tabernacle Choir to begin. It sure was good. We administered to Bro. Fairburn and had some long talks with them about their troubles and etc. We then went back to Strattons for a chicken dinner. Then had an all afternoon discussion in biblical passages relating to the B of M. really gave her something to think about. She was very much interested in all the discussion. We later walked five miles back to North Bennington to hold a sacrament meeting with the Fairburns. We had a delicious supper too. After sacrament meeting we returned back to Strattons. Bro. Fairburn drove us back to where we slept at Strattons. We took the cushions off the studio couch and spread them on the floor, put blankets over these for to sleep on.

August 16th Monday

Headed for Pownal this noon. Mr. Horte of Pownal Center gave us a ride to his house. He also invited us in to have something to eat. We ended up by showing them the films and Mrs. Horte gave us a big lunch. We then took it down the road towards Mrs. Niles. There we ate and had a study class. On our way out, Mrs. DuMont stopped and asked us if we could show the films to their art class. So we did at 8:30 P.M. and had 22 out and had a good meeting all together. We stayed again in the church house. These artists gave us $5.52. We couldn't convince them any different. So had to take it. Also sold a B of M to one of the students.

August 17 Tuesday

Went to Pownal today and met a few people who were passive. Towards evening we met Mr. Arthur Daniels Jr. He said we could stay there with him. He didn't have much room, but gave what he had. He also gave us supper. We held a meeting with him and showed him the films. We stayed in a place about four feet square.

August 18 Wednesday

Tracted all day and stayed with Mr. and Mrs. Siegfried Tolle. Showed them the films. They gave us both dinner and supper and a bath.

August 19 Thursday

Continued tracting today but didn't get invited in once. We held a meeting with the Tolle's this evening and stayed with them again. They sure treated us swell.

August 20 Friday

Finished tracting Pownal today and headed up towards North Pownal. We saw Warren Cummings, but he only quit smoking for about a week. And is now as bad as ever, just another contact. We went in to North Pownal and went through the Tannery. It was very interesting just how it was all done. They really rushed us through because it was closing time. We then went over to see Mr. Powell. We planned on buying an ice cream bar, but he insisted on giving it to us. He even gave us a quart of milk and several pieces of peaches that had bruised spots on them and no one would buy them, so we really got filled up. We later returned to Warren's house and showed the films to them, but they weren't interested in our appearance there. We were just one of the dozens of flies pestering the household. We did stay here tonight anyway.

August 21 Saturday

Up at seven thirty this morning. They didn't offer us any breakfast so we took up the mountainside. It was too long to go around. We found a brook and shaved, and darned if I didn't leave my mirror hanging on a twig. We soon reached the highway, no sooner had we than a fellow came along and gave us a lift to Pownal Center. We were soon walking again, but not for long, because someone else came along and knew who we were and gave us a ride clear to Bennington. We made it in time to get our mail. We can't hitchhike anymore thank goodness. After reading our mail we ventured out to Frost's. Later on went to their church again, and in the evening we showed the films to about 35 of the members of the S.D.A. church. Had a good meeting and afterwards we had light refreshments. Stayed at Frost's again tonight.

August 22 Sunday

After breakfast we went over to see the Fairburns. We walked all the way and no one was home. They had gone back to Malone N. York. So everything must be all right. We caught a bus back to Bennington, and went up and took a few pictures of the monument and other historic buildings. Also went through the museum. It was very interesting. We ended up the day by going back to Frost's, but didn't do much.

Aug. 23 Monday

Left Bennington at 12:45 P.M. Destiny Concord. Had to change in Brattleboro, so we stopped to see the He... and they were just leaving to take Elder ... ... mont N.H.... [page torn at this place]

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had dinner and had the concluding meeting this afternoon. In answering questions and being reassigned to new companions. My companion is Elder Richard L. Service from Holliday. He is married. Later in the day we all held a street meeting. [ I assume this is in Concord, N. H.] Had a very good attendance ... first one that has been held in ... [page torn at this place]

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go anyway. We arrived in Rutland at 12:30 and had the bus stop at Temple St. Just a short distance from where we stored our luggage. Sure was a help. We had dinner with Mrs. Potter then took Elder Jones luggage down to him. Made an appointment to see a dentist. Later on we saw Bro. Kelly and had a good talk with him. At 5:30 we went to Wallingford to see Sister Snyder. We had a very short Sacrament service with her. Then visited with some of her friends the rest of the evening. I've been sick nearly all afternoon. I think it is heat exhaustion. Sure dizzy and weak. We had a good supper then retired.

August 27th Friday.

Been resting all day to recuperate from the heat ailment. Elder Services has been swimming most of the day and I've been writing on this diary most of the time. I hope to get a few letters written before we go back. Did a bit of studying also. After returning to the house we all received an invitation to a surprise birthday party, but it wasn't much, because beer and etc. were mingled with it. I slept in the car through part of it. We finally returned and got to bed about two A.M.

August 28 Saturday

Went out to Potters but before leaving Wallingford we went to an auction of someone selling out. What crummy stuff they were selling. We left there about 2 P.M. and went to Potters. We had supper here. We also held a street meeting tonight and had three stop. They seemed very much interested. We then returned to Mrs. Purriers and slept there in her attic, sure was hot.

August 29 Sunday

Had breakfast this morning at Mrs. Purriers and spent the day repacking, listening to the choir and organ, writing letters and studying. Went over to Reynolds and stayed there tonight. We both slept much.

August 30th Monday

Spent most of the day at Hilda's. Did a bit of studying . Most of the time was wasted. Went to Dekkers this evening and stayed here tonight.

August 31 Tuesday

Left here about 10:30 and started tracting North from Castleton. We had very good success, held two cottage meetings and stayed at Sunset Mountain Lodge. Their name was Donavan. They fed us and we had twin beds to sleep in.

Sept. 1 Wednesday

Had a fine breakfast and continued tracting, had good success today. We held two meetings again, and several good gospel conversations. Stayed at Robert R. Ford's, had second meeting here. We had a delicious supper.

Sept 2nd Thursday

We left them a B of M to read (loaned) Tracted all day and no meetings. Met some good people, though, but all were to busy. About dark we came to a crossroad and had planned on going right, but was inspired to go left. We offered a word of prayer and head opposite to our plans. The first house invited us in. We held a meeting with them and loaned them a B of M. They were unable to keep us so we were directed down a heavy grassy road, and contacted the second house. They invited us in and we held a meeting with them and sold them a B of M. But they were unable to keep us either so we came to the oiled road and walked about three miles. We came to a hot dog stand and decided to get a sandwich. We told him who we were and how we are traveling. He said he had some sleeping bags and cots he would let us use. Also had an old camp out back, so we took him up on his offer. It was now midnight. So it was a welcome sight. We were planning on walking clear to Castleton, which is seven miles away, but glad we didn't.

Sept 3rd Friday.

We did have to walk the seven miles to Castleton this morning, got our mail and went out the edge of town, read our mail while we were waiting for the bus. Deane sent me the most welcome package I've seen in a long time. My it tasted good. For we hadn't eaten much since yesterday morning. We went on in to Rutland, took our bags out to Hildas then went in to get my teeth fixed. He sure did a fine job. Filled five cavities and only charged me $13.00. Also gave me a cleaning job. The best I've ever had. Slept out to Hilda's again tonight. I've had a bad sore throat too. Doctored up for it a little.

Sept 4 Saturday

Woke up with a bad cold, went over to Potters to get some supplies. Had dinner here then Kermit and Gertrude brought us clear over to Castleton. Elder Service got a package from his wife. I got my suit and we walked out to Dekkers. My cold was pretty bad so went to bed. Took a hot lemonade and went to sleep. Also doped my neck up good with Mentholatum and covered it. Hope it breaks it up.

Sept 5th Sunday

Woke up this morning feeling pretty dopey, but had a normal temperature. Feel much better this afternoon, but think its best to stay in bed. Sure hope this breaks up this sickness. I want to get back on the job. Stayed in bed all day.

Sept 6 Monday

Stayed in bed today also, trying to recuperate from this flu or something. So rested up all day.

Sept 7 Tuesday

Got up this afternoon, felt pretty fair, but not able to hit the road. I believe Elder Service is coming down with it. It looks about the same. Had a gospel con with the Dekkers.

Sept 8 Wednesday.

Sure enough he's in bed with the same flu I had. I rested up, did some letter writing, studying and putting jigsaw puzzles together.

Sept 9 Thursday

Still here at Dekkers. Elder S. is feeling a little better but still down in bed. Hope soon we'll both feel better. We held a auxiliary meeting with Don and Barbara Dekker. Trying to teach the gospel to them. I don't know what to think of the Dekkers.

Sept 10 Friday

Left Dekkers about noon. Went to Rutland with Jones, went up and got my camera at Potters. Then went to Proctor to see the Marble exhibit. It was quite a sight to see. They have ninety percent of all the marble in the world right here in Vermont. Never seen such beautiful stuff before. They also have marble shipped from Italy, France, South America and the whitest comes from Colorado. It would be nice to have some of this for building, etc. After leaving here we rode with a fellow back to Rutland, then back out to Castleton corners. There we started walking towards Poultney to see the Ball family. A fellow gave us a lift all the way. We couldn't stay at Ball's so headed for East Poultney, then up to Fentons. My we were tired when we arrived. I guess our strength isn't fully restored yet. These folks are really swell. Sure gave us a delicious supper, before retiring.

Sept 11 Saturday

Spent the day helping the Fentons on various things. Sure a nice family. They have two cute daughters, Lois 16, Sylvia 13, but oh what tempers they have. Sure put away a lot of delicious food today. Mrs. Fenton is surely a fine cook.

Sept 12 Sunday.

We had the privilege of holding a meting here this evening also we had the opportunity of listening to Music and the Spoken Word. I sewed my trousers today. Sewed the press in and patched the knee and the seat. Trying to make it last for the summer.

Sept 13 Monday

Spent all day helping Mr. Fenton. We, that is Elder Service and I, took the tractor and went into the hills to drag out and cut a few oak logs to build a few things on the barn to carry the track for the manure carrier. Had a good day, lots of good exercise.

Sept 14 Tuesday

Left Fentons this morning. They made a lunch for us and we tracted towards Middletown Springs. Held a cottage meeting with a young lady. She attends teachers College in Castleton. We then tracted the rest of the day even up to 11:30 P.M. but were forced to sleep out in a barn. The house is deserted so nestled down deep in the hay and slept pretty good.

Sept 15 Wednesday

Tracted on in to town and contacted the town minister to see about a meeting, but he was very antagonistic against us. And said he would do all he could in stopping us to hold a meeting. We absolutely couldn't in his church. We surely confounded him on the scriptures. He kept saying he admired us for what we had done. But he sure detested in anyone who was so dogmatic as we were. He tried in every way he could to keep us from tracting the people here. But that's not going to stop us. We went up and contacted Mr. Hubbard to see if we could use the school house of town hall for a meeting but don't know what it will result in. We started tracting and sold a B of M to Mr. Rogers. He also gave us a delicious dinner. He said we could stay here this evening, if we wished. So we continued but when nightfall came upon us we had another place offered to us. It was Mrs. Fenton's brother. We had a lovely supper and a fine bed. Because we had stayed over to G. Fentons we were able to stay here.

Sept 16 Thursday

We tracted most of the town today and the people wouldn't even come to their doors. The minister Mr. Marble had been around visiting all the people, probably telling some fake story about us. The people wouldn't even listen to us. Its just too bad if they want to be so narrow-minded as that. I hope this minister has to suffer because of this. We stayed this evening at a Catholic family's residence. "Powers" is their name. They surely treated us well. We had a fine supper. Before retiring I showed them some colored pictures of scenic Utah. They really enjoyed them, but were not able to hold a meeting.

Sept 17 Friday

Had a lovely breakfast then continued to tract, but most houses were vacant or closed for the winter. Then those who wouldn't answer the door because of what the minister told them about us, which we couldn't find out. But anyway we went through this town of about six hundred in nothing flat. I feel sorry that people won't listen to the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. We stayed this evening at Mrs. A. B. Clarks. She is a Catholic and she invited us to stay all night. She's quite wealthy. She even let me cook our supper because she was invited out somewhere. So we really enjoyed a lovely evening. We had a good vegetable dinner. Had a good hot bath before retiring. Sure felt good after the many miles we had walked.

Sept. 18. Saturday.

Had a lovely breakfast this morning then we held a meeting with Mrs. Clark before continuing tracting. We finished about 1:30 P.M. A lady invited us in and gave us a nice dinner but we couldn't hold a meeting. When we got back to Mrs. Clarks she had a lovely dinner prepared for us. She is going to drive us to Pawlet. So we ate dinner there too. I've never been so full in a long time. To eat dinner twice in the same hour don't go. But it sure tasted good. Mrs. Clark then drove us to Pawlet. We hit a terrific thunder storm when we arrived there. But we waited in a store till it let up. Then we began walking and not far down the road a large tree had blown over across the road. The traffic was stalled for quite a distance. We were the only ones able to get through. We walked about five miles and another storm hit us. We found shelter on someone's front porch till we thought it was over, then put up our umbrellas and continued but we were caught in the worst of the storm while walking. Gee our shoes were soaked, also the bottom part of my pants. We walked all the way to Dorset to see our members. It was around ten miles all the way from Pawlet. Dean and Flora Fawsett treated us grand. We had a good supper then they took us to the show. We saw Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid, what a show. Got to bed about 12:30 P.M.

Sept 19 Sunday

Spent the day with the Fausetts. Had a cottage meeting with them and a lovely chicken dinner. Flora and Dorothy Yokum took us for a ride to see more of scenic Vermont. The maple leaves are turning red in various spots so it was very picturesque. Had an enjoyable trip. It would have been much nicer if Lorraine had been here to enjoy it also. But she was here in thought anyway.

Sept. 20 Monday

Had a lovely breakfast this morning. Then Flora and Dorothy took us to Rutland, for they had to do some shopping there. So it made it very handy for us. For my suit has all broke out in the knees so I had to get it changed. I'll have to wear my new summer suit. We had dinner at Potters then got our things then went over to Hilda Reynolds. There we held a meeting with them. We stayed here tonight. About midnight Mike came to see Hilda. He's a baseball player and a very special friend of Hildas.

Sept. 21 Tuesday.

Did some shopping today and saw the doctor about my ailment. By this time it was too late to start tracting again so we stayed at Mrs. Reynolds again.

Sept 22 Wednesday

Had a few more errands to do then went back up to 123 Temple to get a few more things. We finally left and walked all the way to Castleton which is 11 miles. Had supper at Mr. and Mrs. Anious [Onions?]. We couldn't stay here, for the little boy is sick with the flu. So they brought us over to Dekkers. We stayed here tonight.

Sept. 23 Thursday

We made arrangements to hold a meeting in Castleton. Reverend Johnson gave us permission to use his chapel. He's very broad minded and is always glad to be of assistance. We arranged the meeting for Monday evening at 8:00 P.M. Hope we can get a good crowd out. We finished tracting into the township and also some of Castleton but no cottage meetings. Stayed tonight out to Isaac Fish's place.

Sept. 24 Friday

Tracted all day but people aren't much interested in our continued calling around. We had a meeting today with Mrs. Jones and another at Mrs. Cole's. They both bought a B of M. We stayed again here at Ike's. I made him a cake and cooked supper. He didn't eat much. He drank beer all evening.

Sept 25 Saturday

We finished tracting the township today and held two cottage meetings, one with Mrs. Davis and another with a young married girl. She was married to a bigamist, but didn't find out about it till he had been married to him for several years. He had a wife in another part of the state. But he joined the army as soon as she found it out, and left her with three children. What a deal, and what queer cases we run into. We stayed again at Ikes. I made meat loaf tonight. Ike was supposed to go to work at 4 P.M. but he came home about seven and said he didn't feel like going to work and borrowed Elder Service's pen and wrote something in a notebook and went out to his bedroom. Well, it seemed rather strange for him to act like that so Elder Service went out and there was another guy out there and came rushing in and said Ike had just taken a drink of lypol and [was] trying to commit suicide. Well we fixed up a hot salt water drink and made him drink it. He had already fallen to the floor, but Jack got it down him and it made him throw up, then we called the doctor. He said to give him milk, but he only took a couple of swallows. We then called the state police and they called the ambulance. When it came we finally convinced him to go to the hospital. The doctor convinced him to stay. He surely wanted to die. You see we have an experience in everything. It rather took our appetite in everything, but we did eat fairly well about midnight. In that ambulance was about the fastest ride I've ever had to Rutland. Then during the night we thought someone was trying to break in. First it would go to one door then the next. We finally got enough courage to see what it was, and it was a blasted dog. We felt like shooting it, after all the noise it made. What a night we spent.

Sept 26 Sunday

Ike had bought a nice chicken for me to fix for dinner today. Sure wish he could be here to help us eat it. It was very delicious and tender too, with nice chicken giblet gravy. Spent most of the day here, but this evening his son came home to take care of the place. We were much relieved over the situation. We went out to Dekkers for the night.

Sept 27 Monday

Helped Dekkers all day harvesting corn. This evening we only had four out to our meeting, two from the Dekker family, one lady from town and Rev. Johnson. We did have a good meeting and a good discussion with Rev. J. We stayed at Dekkers tonight.

Sept 28 Tuesday

Worked again all day at Dekkers in the corn. They don't seem to appreciate it too deeply for what we are doing for them. All they eat in all three meals is starch. Every meal has potatoes and bread. They don't know what other vegetables look like, I guess. They exist entirely on potatoes.

Wednesday 29 Sept.

Began tracting again today, but all we hit was catholic in Hydeville. What a reception we had. We tracted till about 9:30 P.M. but couldn't find anyone who would take us in so we came out to Ike's place again and stayed with his son tonight. Boy are we tired. Guess we worked too hard the last two days and weren't used to it. We didn't get to bed here until 1:30 P.M. [probably 1:30 A.M.]. I thought they would never quit talking. When we hit the bed we died like a log.

Thursday Sept 30

Tracted most of Castleton Corners today. Held two meetings and an invitation at another place by the name of Wood to stay all night. They had a cabin they turned over to us. They gave us some supper too, so it was really helpful. Mr. Wood is in the slate business. They go to Florida for the winter. Sure had a nice place here this evening.

Oct. 1 Friday

Finished tracting Hydeville and held one meeting with Pelky's then tracted clear up to West Castleton and stayed with the Crossmans. They treated us swell. We had several good conversations with them but no meeting. Maybe next time.

Oct 2. Saturday

Headed for Fair Haven today. We held a meeting with Mrs. Brown and took a tour through a slate quarry. They can really split it thin. It's made into shingles, tile and flagging for walks and many other uses. Got our mail today and my suit then headed for East Poultney and to Fentons. Mr. Soine of Rutland gave us a ride to Poultney, then we walked the rest of the distance. Someone always informs them we are coming, so we can't surprise them. We stayed here tonight.

Oct 3rd Sunday

Today is the Semi Annual Conference. Wish I could be there for the occasion. We listened to Dr. Widtsoe over the church of the air broadcast then later on heard the choir and organ. Its marvelous to be able to hear of these. Took a walk up in the beautiful Vermont hills today to enjoy the scenic foliage. My it's beautiful. Stayed here again tonight.

Oct 4 Monday

My Mrs. Fenton sure puts on a feed every meal. We hauled fertilizer today and got quite a bit done. We also dug the rest of his potatoes and picked the corn. They sure had a wonderful garden this year. We stayed again.

Oct 5 Tuesday

Hauled more fertilizer today. Elder Service shot a red fox which was killing a chicken. My they're pretty, sure destructive though. We cut the chicken's head off so it could be eaten. Stayed again. My they are good investigators. I'm sure they will come into the church some day soon.

Oct 6 Wednesday

Hauled more sunshine today. We planned on going to Wards this afternoon but instead he held a Study class and stayed again.

Oct 7, Thursday

After breakfast this morning Mr. Fenton took us down to Poultney to see his new truck and also to see if we could find a place to stay for the winter. We saw Mrs. Ball and she thinks we could get their old shack, because Mr. Fenton said he would give us a bed and stove and a few things. Also keep us supplied with potatoes and vegetables this winter. Gee they are fine people. We rode in the new truck up to Frisbie Wards, but they weren't home so we walked down the railroad track to Dekkers. We stayed here tonight and held a meeting.

Oct. 8 Friday

Left here and visited Ike Fish. He's feeling pretty good, said he guessed the Lord didn't want him yet. Sure hope he changes his life and way of thinking. For he has much to be thankful for. We then caught the bus and went to Rutland. There we had dinner with Mrs. Purrier and visited with the Potters. We put the storm windows on Mrs. Purriers windows, quite a job. Stayed here in the attic tonight. We also visited with the Halls,but there folks weren't home yet. We saw Bro. Kelly and had a good visit with him. He wants to go west, maybe Sacramento in November. We got a huge box of literature from him, enough to last all winter. In Poultney then had supper at Purriers.

Oct. 9 Saturday

Spent most of the day straightening up my junk and stuff. We put the storm windows on for Mrs. Potter today then had a good visit with them. Went out to Wallingford to see our member, Sister Snyder. We had a good visit and stayed here tonight.

Oct 10 Sunday

Had a sacrament meeting today and listened to the Tabernacle Choir and organ then wrote a few letters, then spent most of the day studying. Had chicken dinner this afternoon and stayed again this evening. The other day Sister Snyder tried to take an overdose of sleeping tablets attempting to commit suicide. What cases we are confronted . Held a sacrament meeting with her also.

Oct. 11 Monday

Ralph gave us a ride down. We then had a ride offered to us by some Snyders friends for I had to go in and visit the Doctor about my kidney. He just gave me more pills and charged me another two dollars. Hope I can find the cause of it all. Held a fine cottage meeting with Mrs. Potter this evening. She's about ready for baptism. Stayed up in the attic again tonight.

Oct 13 Wed [these two days are in the book in this order]

Did some tracting and visiting investigators today. Sentons were not home. Got Elder Service's shoes fixed then visited the Buggimi's. She gave us dinner. It was good. Had a nice talk with them. She also gave us a marble square souvenir with our initials engraved on it. We then visited Whitcombs and Strattons, then later in the evening we held a street meeting. Afterwards visited with the Knipes, had a fine visit and later in the evening they served us waffles and maple syrup with chocolate milk and apples. Stayed till after 11 P.M. Stayed in the attic at Puryers again tonight.

Oct 12 Tues. [ in order as it appears in the book]

Sentons weren't home again. We contacted the Bancrofts. They are just good friends. We then left and visited the Soines, moved a few things for them. Had a good visit with Mr. Soine. Mrs. Soine is from Tooele or some where anyway Utah. So we enjoyed in talking about out west. Had dinner at Potters again and this evening we held a cottage meeting with the Halls. Elder Service did some painting for them.

Oct. 14 Thur.

Bid Puryers and Potters adieu then caught Mr. Senton as he was leaving. Rode down town with him and had a good talk. We bought our tickets then visited Hilda for a few moments before the bus came. We had dinner then left. Arrived in Fair Haven safely, got our mail and received orders from Pres. Young to move into our apartments or places of abode for the winter. We continued to Poultney, got a ride all the way. Helped Balls move in and stayed with them. Made arrangements to stay with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wood for this winter. We can do our own cooking.

Oct. 15 Fri.

Held a little more this morning then took off for Rutland. Stopped to see Frisbie Ward but he wasn't home. We visited Mrs. Dawson, held a cottage meeting with her. She's been thru quite a trial. What a husband she has. Not much good. Chases with all the women he can. Too bad theres so many like him today. Continued tracting until we reached Deckers. Held another meeting with them and stayed here tonight. Had more potato dinner. That consists of their entire diet.

Oct 16 Sat.

This morning at Deckers we dipped some autumn leaves in wax to preserve their natural color. We then went to catch the bus. Saw Ike fish on the way down. He seems to be doing all right. Soon after we caught the bus for Rutland. We packed all our suitcases and fixed Mrs. Puryers stove. It was plugged up with dirt. This evening after supper we held a cottage meeting with Mrs. Puryer, Mrs. Christmas, and Cristy or Mary Kenney. We had a nice visit afterwards.

Oct 17 Sun.

This morning we listened to the choir and organ. Had breakfast with Mrs. Puryers first. Had our dinner at Potters again. Such delicious food. We had a fine cottage meeting with them again. Did a lot of studying and writing letters today.

Oct 18 Mon.

We took Elder Service's trunk down and also my big box to be mailed. It cost me $1.97 to send it home. His trunk cost him $8.22. What a deal. At noon Kermit and Gertrude hauled all our suitcases and etc. down to the bus depot. What a relief it was to have it moved so easily. We had a three hour wait so we studied all the time. Arrived here in Poultney okay. We had to make three trips to get all our equipment down to Woods. After getting settled we spent the rest of the evening visiting with the Balls. This morning we went to the Highway Department and they gave us two large maps of Rutland County. Sure nice of them.

Tues. 19 Oct.

Helped with the washing today. Afterwards went up and helped Mr. Fenton with his posts on his dung carrier and track. He is quite handicapped and also bothered with his sciatic nerve. We had dinner and supper with them and also helped them milk. This evening we visited again with the Ball family also Barbara Wood from Melrose Mass was there. I made them some fudge. It turned out fairly good. Barb. Is quite a nice young girl.

Wed. 20 Oct.

This morning we went to the town clerk's office and copied a map of Poultney. We then began tracting south of the Poultney river bridge. At the fourth house we held a cottage meeting and also helped her with her storm windows. Continued tracting and met some fine people. This evening we had a nice visit with Barb. I gave her a B of M. that I had here, also some literature. She seems very much interested for a girl of her age. She's only 18.

Oct. 21 Thur.

Bid good-by to Barb. and Mrs. Ward before they returned to Melrose and Boston. She's a fine girl, very level headed, doesn't drink or smoke. It's nice to meet girls like that once in a while. We see so many who do smoke now days. We held another cottage meeting today.

Oct 22 Fri.

Continued tracting in South Poultney. Met a lot of Polish and Welch people, most of them work in the slate quarries. For there are quarries all over the place. I never saw such huge concerns before. Some of those pits are awesome to look into. We visited about the largest quarry in the vicinity and made a tour through it. They gave us a few samples before we left. Very interesting. This evening we held a meeting at Mrs. Hewes. They are 7th Day Adventists. We had some good discussions. They gave us some of their literature too. But it harps so much on the 7th day that it can't be much truth in it.

Oct 23 Sat.

Finished tracting in South Poultney today. Held another meeting also met many fine people several invitations back. We also took some snaps of that huge Slate Quarry. Hope they turn out good. Had a long walk back to town for we were clear down to the New York border.

Oct. 24 Sun.

Did mostly odd jobs today, and getting ready to go to So. Royalton to see Pres. Young in this special conference.

Oct. 25 Mon.

Took the bus to Rutland this morning at 7 A.M. We then went out on the highway and a fellow picked us up and took us to Bethel and another fellow picked us up and brought us all the way to So. Royalton. The Lord truly provides when we are in need. For we were almost broke. It was good to see Sister Salter again, also some of the Elders who had arrived for the conference.

Oct 26th I'm called Abraham Lincoln by Pres. Young. Today we enjoyed the conference with Pres. Young. (Elder Spafford was there also.) It was mostly to clear up report mistakes and etc. This afternoon we had a wedding performed by Pres. Young. I sang a solo - "I Love Thee". We had an enjoyable day. Bishop Walton and wife, also Wallace Sorenson and wife had registered at the cottage just a few days ago. Sure would have been nice to have seen them, but guess I'll [have] to wait till spring now.

Oct. 27 Wednesday

Left today for our field of labor. We stopped in on the Hunts on our way, but they are mostly friends. We stayed here tonight. Pittsfield, Vermont

Oct 28 Thursday

Left for Rutland this morning after a nice breakfast. We held a street meeting in Rutland while waiting for the bus. We arrived back here in Poultney safely and glad to be settled again. We called up Mr. Fenton tonight, for we hope to help him tomorrow in getting his manure carrier installed.

Oct 29 Fri

We got all the posts set and most of them cut off on top. They are all quite a job. We had two delicious meals here and stayed here tonight.

Oct 30 Sat.

Got some logs out today, for the rest of the carrier. It's going to be quite an outfit when it is finished. Today had some stomach trouble with a miserable headache. Hope it soon leaves. We stayed here again tonight.

Oct 31 Sun.

Listened to the Tabernacle choir this morning then this afternoon we helped them pick a few apples before we came home.

Nov. 1st Mon.

Been lying around all day hope to feel better soon. Wish I could find out what's troubling me and why I feel so tired all the time.

Nov 2nd Tue, 3rd Wed

Sick most of the time. We did a few hours tracting today (Wed) but rested most of the day. This afternoon went up to West Haven to visit some investigators. We held a meeting and sold a B of M to Mrs. Jakeway. We stayed this evening with the Best family.

Nov. 4 Thurs. Left there this noon, for my health was going against me again. We're going to see a doctor as soon as we can. In fact we saw Dr. Clough this evening. He said my blood pressure is low also my hemoglobin is low also. So he gave me a slew of pills to take. Sure be a relief to get back to normal again.

Nov. 5. Fri. Tracted on Grove St. today. Met a few fine people, but couldn't hold a meeting, but we started evening tracting and the second house we had a good hour in cottage meeting.

Nov. 6 Saturday

We tracted all of Furnace and East St. Today we held a cottage meeting today also Had invitations to return later from several. So we should have a pretty nice area here.

Nov 7 Sunday

Today is fast day. We tried going without supper Saturday evening also Sunday breakfast, and it works out fine. Spent most of the day at odd jobs, and study. Sure seems good to have an appetite again and feel like going again.

Nov. 8 Mon.

Today is wash day. I did a few odd jobs around while Elder Service helped with the washing. Didn't feel too good today so we stayed in. I guess my blood pressure isn't up to par yet.

Nov 9. Tues.

Spent most of the day resting up. We are planning on going back up to Fair haven and Benson tomorrow.

Nov. 10 Wed.

Mr. Wood gave us a ride to Castleton Cor's. there we walked 13 1/2 miles up to Clyde Wilcox. I was about give out, being that my blood pressure as it is. I was all in. We had a delicious supper but couldn't hold a meeting so we just talked gospel and listened to a comic record "Life gets tee-jus don't it". Sure good. We sure had a nice bed to sleep in this evening.

Nov 11 Thur.

After a delicious breakfast we journeyed on. We stopped at Rival Wilcox but they were busy. We then took some pictures with umbrella open then went down to Botsworths. There we had a delicious dinner, and a lot of worldly gossip. We then went to see Mr. John Brown but he wasn't home. So we then walked a long distant up to Beaumonts. I imagine its about 12 miles from Wilcox's where [we] were last might. Gee I was tired again. We had a very nice cottage meeting and a good supper. We also discussed points of doctrine and had a good bed to sleep in. These are fine people, very kind.

Nov. 12. Fri.

Mr. Phillip Beaumont gave each of us a whole gallon of maple syrup before we departed. He's sure swell. We then walked a good five miles then a fellow gave us a ride to Fair Haven. We walked to the outskirts of town and another fellow gave us a lift right into Poultney. So we were fortunate. I went to bed and rested over the days we had been out. It's good to be home again.

Nov. 13 Sat.

Rested all day today. I'm feeling much better this afternoon. Got a little studying in and a few letters written in between sleeps. So hope to be back to normal before too long.

Nov. 14 Sun.

Listened to the Choir and Organ. We had planned on holding a Sunday School in at our members next door but Ed had an accident and was in the hospital so we have to postpone it a little longer. He works for Central Vermont Electric Co. and is a lineman. He was climbing a pole and the pole broke, he almost got electrocuted. So he's mighty fortunate that he only got his thumb broke and a few minor scratches. We have been able to study a little more today and we held a study class this evening. So hope we can get started again tomorrow and get something accomplished.

Nov 15 Mon.

Went tracting this afternoon, but this morning we did the washing. I put in a threshold and fixed the cupboard door also other odd jobs that was necessary to be done. We didn't get too much tracting done but we were able to do a little.

Nov. 16 Tues.

We got in 7 hours tracting yesterday and held one meeting ... people... day ... [ page torn, rest of page missing ]

Nov. 22 Mon.

Went to Rutland to see about glasses. My eyes don't seem too good. I've had lots of eye fatigue. Had a complete eye exam but had to purchase some. Gee $18.00 sure high. Rode back to Poultney with Will Ward.

Nov. 23 Tues.

Washed clothes today and rested some more. We are preparing to leave for Rutland. We have an invitation for Thanksgiving at Potters.

Nov. 24 Wed.

Left for Rutland this morning. Had a good ride. We visited Bro. Kelley for a while. He seems to be getting ... pretty nice. He hopes to get his teeth pretty soon. That will be something to get used to for he's been without them for seve ... Hilda ... [ page torn, rest of page missing ]

Nov. 25 Thur.

Had breakfast this morning at Mrs. Puryers, then went down to see the Potters. We helped a little with various things. Previously I had made 2 or 3 pounds of homemade candy, pinoche, divinity, taffy and fudge. They sure went down on it. About 2:30 P.M. we sat down to the most beautiful spread I had seen since being home. I was asked to offer the blessing. Then we began enjoying the delicious food, which had been prepared so tasty and delicious by Mrs. Potter. The dressing was perfect, never tasted anything like it. The turkey was moist and nice all the way through. We had Utah celery and potatoes, broccoli, ...eamed onions [steamed or creamed?], squash, then for dessert we [had] rice pudding with dates and pecan nuts in it, squash pie, mince pie and to drink we had (orange, pineapple, grape juice with ginger ale) all mixed together. Sure was good. This afternoon we had a nice cottage meeting and to top that day we had a few sandwiches and more pudding and pie.

Slept in the loft again tonight. The bed is rather short for me but we manage somehow.

Nov. 26

We had breakfast with the Potters then visited the Bujjoni's for a while, then went back to Potters and had another Thanksgiving dinner. My what a treat we've had this Thanksgiving weekend. After a short visit we left for Wallingford to see the Snyders and try to hold a Sacrament Meeting with Sister Snyder. They offered us supper, but were so full of turkey we couldn't eat much, but enjoyed a nice evening. My health isn't too good though. We were unable to hold a sacrament meeting. They had too much gab to get off their chests. Had a lovely bed to rest in.

Nov. 27th Saturday

Had a nice breakfast this morning, then we had a sacrament meeting. The spirit of the Lord was truly there. They insisted on us staying for a few days, but we can't do it, but we will stay for dinner. They had some pork they wanted us to taste. It was fine. They sure are nice people. We left there, caught the bus for Rutland, then saw William Ward and rode to Poultney with him. Then had supper and enjoyed visiting with the Woods again.

Nov. 28 Sun.

Listened to the Tabernacle Choir, wrote a few letters, and this evening we held our first Sunday School with Edwin Ball, his wife and Mrs. Wood. I mentioned pre-existence, so that was the highlight in the discussion. I sang a song for opening and closing. That was the balance of what took place.

Nov. 29 Mon.

Washing was done today. I did a few small jobs but rested most of the day.

[ end of journal entries ]

Released from his mission, letter dated December 15, 1948. He says that he was released early because of his health. Problems were aggravated by his times tracting without purse or scrip.

Additional note: I looked up Richard L Service in the Polk directories (1966) and found:

Richard L and Patricia B. Service SLSMN Economy SLS SERV 2596 Mount Crest Dr. Holladay

I donÍt know where he is now.

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