This is to verify the sealing dates of Archibald Waller Overton Buchanan to his 4 wives

Archibald Waller Overton Buchanan
born 9 Feb. 1830 - Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky

1. Helen Amelia Whiting - 22 Aug. 1854
(note: son Archibald Walter born 21 Jan 1859)
2. Mary Ann Brown - 1 Jan. 1860
3. Anne Marie Larsen - 11 Oct. 1869
4. Caroline Sophia Sorensen - 27 Sep. 1875

The following is taken directly from the microfilm of the Endowment House records(verification done 7 Mar. 1991):

Family History Library film #183396
Endowment House book F, entry 14272, dated 11 Oct. 1869
Archibald Walter Buchanan - born Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky on 9 Feb. 1830
sealed to:

Family History Library film #183400 Endowment House book J, entry 5089, dated 27 Sep. 1875 Archibald Walter Buchannan - born Fayette, Kentucky on 9 Feb. 1830 sealed to:


Note: There are some obvious errors here including the birth palce of Caroline Sorensen (should be Denmark), and the spelling of Archibald's last name in the 1875 record. Apparently, either Archibald was going by Archibald Walter at this time, or else the clerk in both cases wrote it the same way. By the birth date and place it is definite that this is really Archibald Waller Overton Buchanan and NOT Archibald Walter, his son, born in 1859.

Important Note: In all of the family group sheets that I have seen, the marriage/sealing date of Archibald and Caroline Sorensen has been listed as 27 Sep. 1876, but as can be seen from the Endowment House records, it really took place in 1875.

7 March 1991
Joseph F. Buchanan
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