Timeline of Events in the Life of Archibald Waller Overton Buchanan

09 Feb 1830Lexington, KYBirth
119 Jul 1831Lexington, KYSister Jane is married
37 Mar 1833Tazewell County, ILYounger sister Martha Maria born
3about 1833Illinois?16 year-old brother Lorenzo Dow died
422 Feb 1834Illinois?Sister Emmeline baptized
523 Mar 1835IllinosFather John and sister Jane baptized
58 Sep 1835IllinosMother Nancy baptized
517 Dec 1835Tazewell County, ILSister Elizabeth is married
7about 1837Illinois?15 year-old sister Catherine died
8about 1838Illinois?10 year-old sister Eleanora died
99 Feb 1839Lima, ILBaptism
91839Lima, ILFather's death
104 July 1840Nauvoo, ILSister Emmeline is married
1522 Jan 1846Nauvoo, ILMother Nancy married/sealed to Isaac Morley
16fall/winter 1846/7Left Nauvoo, travelled to Council Bluffs
17Spring 1847Coucil Bluffs, IABrother John left with Mormon Batallion
221852Left Council Bluffs for Salt Lake Valley, arriving 13 Sep 1852
2422 Aug 1854Manti, UTMarried to Helen Amelia Whiting
257 May 1855Manti, UTSet apart for Elk Mountain Mission (21 May - 24 Sep 1855)
2619 Nov 1856Manti, UTDaughter Sarah Elizabeth born (Helen)
2821 Jan 1859Manti, UTSon Archibald Walter born (Helen)
291 Jan 1860Manti, UTMarried to 2nd wife Mary Ann Brown
3030 Oct 1860Manti, UTSon James Alonzo born (Mary Ann)
3114 Mar 1861Manti, UTDaughter Helen Amelia born (Helen)
3228 Dec 1862Manti, UTDaughter Mary Jane born (Mary Ann)
3416 Apr 1864Manti, UTSon Lorenzo Dow born (Helen)
3526 Mar 1865Manti, UTSon William Wallace born (Mary Ann)
359 Apr 1865Manti, UTMeeting with Indians prior to Black Hawk War
3712 Jun 1867Manti, UTSon Eugene Deloss born (Mary Ann)
3724 Dec 1867Manti, UTDaughter Theda Jane born (Helen)
3911 Oct 1869Salt Lake City, UTEndowment, Sealed to wives (Helen and Mary Ann)
3911 Oct 1869Salt Lake City, UTMarried/Sealed to Ane Larsen/Pedersen
4128 Feb 1871Glenwood, UTSet apart as President of Glenwood Branch
4113 Mar 1871Manti, UTson Henry Pomroy born (Mary Ann)
4129 May 1871Manti, UTDaughter Effie Louise born (Helen)
4125 Sep 1871Glenwood, UTSon Osmond born (Ane)
418 Oct 1871Glenwood, UTLetter sent to President Brigham Young concerning the branch
4328 Jul 1873Glenwood, UTSon Arthur Adelbert born (Ane)
438 Sep 1873Glenwood, UTDaughter Amy Lorette born (Mary Ann)
4627 Sep 1876Salt Lake City, UTMarried/Sealed to Caroline Sophia Sorensen
4616 Oct 1876Glenwood, UTDaughter Castina Maria born (Ane)
4715 Mar 1877Glenwood, UTSon Charles Vertner born (Mary Ann)
481878Called to live United Order
4815 Jan 1879Glenwood, UTSon John Lorin born (Caroline)
498 Apr 1879Glenwood, UTSon James Carlos born (Ane)
5029 Jul 1880Infant son John Lorin died
5127 Apr 1881Glenwood, UTDaughter Anna Delilah born (Caroline)
5310 Feb 1883Glenwood, UTDaughter Ethalyn born (Ane)
537 Sep 1883Glenwood, UTDaughter Mary Ann born (Caroline)
5417 Aug 1884Manti, UTMother's death
5422 Jan 1885Glenwood, UTDaughter Nancy Edna born (Ane)
555 Sep 1885Glenwood, UTSon William Aaron born (Caroline)
5810 Feb 1888Glenwood, UTSon Parley Ammon born (Caroline)
5920 May 1889Salt Lake City, UTSealed to adopted daughter Eunice Rozina Snow (Mary Ann)
599 Jul 18893 year-old son William Aaron died
59August 1889Infant son Parley Ammon died
5923 Oct 1889Salt Lake City, UTSealed to adopted son Jacob Joseph Smith (Ane)
60Oct-Dec 1890Moved to Colorado, then to Mexico
6225 Mar 1892Colonia Dublan, MXDaughter Carrie Myrl born (Caroline)
6225 Mar 1892Colonia Dublan, MXSon Archie Earl born (Caroline)
631893Salt Lake City, UTattended dedication of Salt Lake Temple
644 Nov 1894Glenwood, UTDaughter Mary Jane died (31)
665 Feb 1896Son James Alonzo died (35)
6615 Apr 1896Son Arthur Adelbert died (22)
6617 Jun 1896Manti, UTSealed to parents, also had his parents sealed together
70/711900/1901Venice, UTFamily moved to Venice from Glenwood
7115 Feb 1901Glenwood, UTWife Mary Ann died
713 May 1901Glenwood, UTWife Ane died
735 Jun 1903Son Charles Vertner died (26)
807 May 1910Lyman, UTWife Helen Amelia died
857 May 1915Venice, UTDeath (19 of 26 children + 2 adopted children still living)